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Why NOT?2007-12-31 09:50:54curtis41

Why should law-abiding Americans NOT be able to have the guarantee provided in the 2nd amendment, the basic, natural, individual guarantee to keep and bear arms? Why are fearful politicians and other groups and leaders afraid of an armed population? Why are violent crime rates down overall in all the firearm carry states? Why are death counts so high in no-gun zones? Why are mall owners so stupid that they do not have armed security, and yet deny carry in those same malls? Why can't the ant-gun people put the blame where it lies, on the criminals who use guns in the commission of crimes? How does it make sense to remove firearms from law-abiding citizens and let the criminals be armed to the nines? Why have the CDC and BATFE closed down so many firearm dealers, many for trivial bookkeeping errors? Why does DC and other cities deny people the right to defend themselves in their own homes? Sounds like this stupidity is contagious. Luckily, our founding fathers were not quite so stupid, after all.