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ZYPREXA OFF LABEL2006-10-15 06:06:27julie

Eli Lilly is in deep trouble for pushing zyprexa for 'off label' useage.As much as eighty percent of all prescriptions that Lilly's pretty pharma reps have goaded doctor's into writing are not FDA approved uses. Time to face the music,the lawsuits are inbound.......

ELI LILLY ZYPREXA & DIABETES2006-10-13 16:58:23dhaszard

Recent studies have found that atypical antipsychotics used to control agitation in aggressive Alzheimer patients (chemical straight-jacket) have unacceptable risk. At 5 to ten times the cost of the old standby thorazine,recent comparative studies show the diabetes inducing zyprexa class of drugs are only borderline better in controlling symptoms. WOW zyprexa is a WORSE offender for causing diabetes than risperidone. My clinical contacts in the mental health field right here in Bangor Maine tell me that they have stopped prescribing zyprexa altogether. This is interesting,as i thought that all drugs of a certain class had the same molecular makeup (eg asprin) and were just the same drug family marketed to get around patents. This must be wrong as zyprexa is being reported as more dangerous than than the other atypicals. WOW Daniel Haszard Bangor Maine ~ zyprexa caused my diabetes