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Eli Lilly ZYPREXA FALLOUT2007-01-05 11:45:18dhaszard

Zyprexa compensation fund is up to $1.2 billion.Show us da money! Consider this: Latest media news PR "puff piece" sez that the Zyprexa compensation fund is up to $1.2 billion.Lilly's lawyers claim to have 'settled' the first wave (the so called 8,000) for $700 million. Yesterday there are over 150 news Lilly press releases on how they are the good ole boys who will settle 18,000 MORE cases for $500 million. DO THE MATH HERE- original 8,000 ~$700 million Compare:today's news 18,000 for only $500 million?? This sounds like phony propaganda to appease Lilly investors their attached statement sez that theses newer 18,000 cases are post 2003 black box warning and so have less merit/money. Hello! I took zyprexa right out of the gate in 1996 I am possibly the #1 most viable and visible claimant and not only have I not been paid yet,i don't hear from them at all,something fishy here people. Show us da money please! Daniel Haszard