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The ZYPREXA scoop2007-01-12 07:15:58dhaszard

Don't shoot the messenger,straight facts on Eli Lilly Zyprexa. A.B.C.'s --- Some fast facts on the Zyprexa controversy chronicled by a patient user. What is it? Major tranquilizer daytime sleeping pill.It acts like the 50 year old Thorazine but with less of the tardive tics and cost ten times more I paid $2.50 pill. How does it make you so awful fat? Experts say they don't know for sure,my patient opinion is that just slows you don't so much you don't burn off the calories. (A) Year 1996 FDA approves Zyprexa for schizophrenia (at first,later on for mania) which is only about 1% and 3% of the pop to lessen delusional hallucinations of schizophrenia. The drug goes on to become Lilly's top seller at $4.2 billion a year.How does a drug with such a small patient market get to be the the world's 7th largest drug sale? Lilly denies it was promoted "off label" and pushed on doctors by thousands of Lilly drug reps for FDA unapproved usage to non schizophrenic patients like myself with PTSD. (B) During the 4 years 1996-2000 that I took Zyprexa,Lilly is alleged to cover up doctor feedback that the drug has up to a ten times greater incident of causing diabetes.Finally in 2003 the FDA requires a 'black box' warning label of these potential complications. (C) 2006-07 Eli Lilly lawyers spin a 'promise' of a whopping $1.2 Billion compensatory settlement for victims like myself who will now have a shortened zyprexa diabetic life.Lilly reports plant closings and employee layoffs in a less favorable political climate and denies that it has been poisoning for profit a mentally challenged patient group less capable of advocating for itself.