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ZYPREXA Saga Zenith to Zonked2007-07-03 12:55:09dhaszard

Still No MedGuide for Eli Lilly Zyprexa after Eleven Years* "Eli Lilly's introduction of Zyprexa and the FDA's complicity," he states, "have led to one of the greatest crimes in medical history in terms of the number of people harmed, the damage inflicted, and the grossness of fraud in promoting and advertising the drug." Experts say Zyprexa qualifies for a MedGuide under all 3 categories: (1) The labeling would definitely help prevent serious adverse events; (2) Few patients would be willing to take the drug and risk developing diabetes given that numerous studies have shown Zyprexa to be no more effective than the older class of antipsychotics that do not cause diabetes; and (3) Most patients on Zyprexa would learn that the drug is not FDA approved to treat the condition they have. Learn more of the dangers of Zyprexa * * * * Submitted by Daniel Haszard