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WOW bad week for Eli Lilly2007-10-18 07:47:33dhaszard

Relabeling of Byetta to include new alert Warning will state link between Lilly diabetes drug and acute pancreatitis * * * * * Eli Lilly's latest curse: Cymbalta * * * * * Zyprexa and Suicide: Stop Blaming the Patient More scandals involving Eli Lilly aggressive product sales. Zyprexa is said to be the #5th to 7th largest drug sale in the World.If the drug is FDA approved for less than 1% of the pop then how come the sales are so great to be Lilly's #1 cash cow sale? UNLESS it is being promoted off label big time. --------- Daniel Haszard former Zyprexa client 1996-2000 who got diabetes from it Interesting possible conflict Zyprexa and now Byetta both linked to acute pancreatitis. Lilly drug Zyprexa has caused diabetes in thousands of patients many who were given it 'off label' THEN the same patients are put on another Lilly drug Byetta to treat the diabetes caused by the Zyprexa.