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Zyprexa Kills2006-10-14 10:56:42elliel

Zyprexa has recently been shown to be lethal to those with Alzheimers. Meanwhile, the FDA in all its foolishness, has approved Risperdal, another drug in this class, for children with autism. Now the rest, including Zyprexa, will be clamoring for similar approval. Clearly, children with autism are expendable, so why not. The label of diabetes, hyperglycemia and death should be enough to get these drugs off the market, let alone the numerous studies that show the drugs don't work. But the power of the PhRMA Lobby, and the weakness of the FDA,let the charade go on while meanwhile people die from Zyprexa and the others. People like my son. Dead from profound hyperglycemia after taking Zyprexa for two years. Lilly and the FDA stalled putting a warning on the label though other countries, doing their job to protect the public health, did not.

Lilly diabetes medication2006-08-19 12:44:17julie

It is an unsettling corollary that Eli Lilly admits their zyprexa causes diabetes and then they profit from 3 major diabetes prescription meds that they sell.

Why not yet?2006-08-18 18:10:43dogpatch

Eli Lilly has a promised $700 million to as much as over $1 Billion escrow zyprexa payout fund collecting interest in a citibank account.Why has no one been compensated yet? I have a relative with Lilly stocks and he is nervous about his portfolio, he say's that 5 states are going after Lilly for criminal medicaid fraud for 'off label' zyprexa prescriptions.

PAYOUT DELAYED2006-08-18 17:06:21dhaszard

ELI LILLY BREAKS PROMISE FOR ZYPREXA PAYOUT IN JUNE Zyprexa Lilly's most profitable product has been linked to causing deadly complications. Reported in the Indianapolis star Eli Lilly promised payments in the 1 billion dollar zyprexa settlement to be made in June 2006 [ ] ".. Payouts to the first 8,000 claimants are slated to be mailed starting in June..." It is August 2006 and the foot dragging continues no patient has been compensated for the life-threatening side effects of zyprexa. Only 9 percent of adult Americans think the pharmaceutical industry can be trusted right around the same rating as big tobacco and sadly mental health consumers are the least capable of self advocacy . Does Eli Lilly put profits over patients? Daniel Haszard Bangor Maine zyprexa caused my diabetes

Eli Lilly sued in 6 states2006-08-18 16:52:07julie

The attorney generals in 6 states (and counting) are prosecuting Eli Lilly for criminal fraud in connection with the so called *off label* coercion of MD's to prescribe zyprexa on state medicaid tabs. NOT COOL!

Ah, the profits of western civ2006-08-18 14:12:03belleann

That Eli Lilly produced a drug indicated for diabetes is interesting because Lilly makes most of the insulin that is sold.