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Where's Mine2009-04-25 06:46:07a1ctest9

I've taken zyprexa since 1998 . Filed suit in 2005 the same year I was diagnosed with diabetes .Lily has all these doctors conveinced that zyprexa doesn't cause the disease . Then how did I get it when I'm a vegatarian and I exersise everyday . I also went from 140 lbs. to 298lbs. I should not have to wait on a settlement when they knew they were wrong . I was given the medication to sleep and had to take it during the day time . That just doesn't make any sense . Eli Lily need to just go ahead and pay those they hurt . Lily , BE REAL AND OWN UP TO WHAT YOU ALL HAVE DONE TO MILLIONS OF PEOPLE . God saw and heard everything and all of you will meet your maker and He will ask you all why ; do you all have an answer ? OWN UP TO YOUR MISTAKES !!!! Of course , I'm using an easy word . It wasn't a mistake , they just wanted to get rich at any cost .