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FEDERAL CRIME2011-03-29 00:42:13dhaszard

if its prescribed off label,. --dalton Eli Lilly apologist trolls did I Daniel Haszard get your attention?.... The Feds were going to send Lilly execs to jail instead they slapped highest fine in history $1.4 billion.......The Lilly lawyers conived and bribed to get the Doctors to prescribe OFF LABEL and promised to get the Doctors off the hook. The Zyprexa saga was ROTTEN TO THE CORE!.... GOOGLE -Zyprexa

zyprexa diabetes2011-03-28 15:01:24dalton

if its prescribed off label, then blame your doctor. Talk to the millions of people who have some semblance of a normal life because they or a loved one have benefited from zyprexa.