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Unbelievable!!!2013-12-22 11:59:14boinmo

I was just looking at articles and saw this one. I know it was posted awhile ago, but could we have an update if ridiculous charges are still being filed? I would think there would be a protest march in that area regarding this type of inhumane treatment. So glad I don't live in that area.

Stern message for Joplin officials2013-09-28 09:49:56g-elders

Police Chief Roberts, I feel that you should be arrested, imprisoned, and perhaps handcuffed to the bench while you await trial for your failure to immediately terminate the employment of your officers for their treatment of Kevin and Brant Russell as their daughter and sister lay dying. And for allowing you to continue to draw a salary, perhaps Madam Mayor and Mr. City Manager should also be subjected to your concept of acceptable enforcement. I thank the Lord that I do not live in the Joplin, Missouri over which you preside.