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Is it good for the children?2004-08-03 09:55:38concern

I'm not sure this is good for the children. I just heard on the radio a testimony of a young girl who was raised by lesbians. She has needed massive amounts of counseling to get a grasp on heterosexual relationships and realize that all men are not bad. This is not really about our generation, it's about the children. Twenty years from now, imagine the classrooms. Children not knowing if they should go in the men's bathroom or the women's. I'm for equal rights, not special rights. Studies show the homosexual life style is prone to a plethora of exotic diseases (i.e. gonorrhea of the throat, etc.) and if your practices cause my insurance to go up, you should pay a higher risk premium than me.

Why discriminate?2004-07-18 21:47:35valcore2

This is a unique time in human history. We now have the ability to go above and beyond what other civilizations could not accomplish. Our society can offer equal rights and treatment to all Americans, not just straight ones. When you vote on this issue, just know that the lives you are affecting is not just your own. Your view and my view do not matter, what does in this vote is the basic RIGHT and necessity that ALL humans disserve, the right to a family. Marriage is not sacred anymore. Divorce and media have changed this time honored institution into something that any straight person can get off of the 'Strip' in Las Vegas and then break that promise a day later in court. What will the amendment do to society? It will not cause a moral break down nor destroy what we have created. It in effect could do the opposite and bring dignity and pride back into marriage and our society. The boat is sinking, current reforms to marriage are doing nothing to help save it, but this may be the only chance that it can stop taking water on. You are faced with a decision that does not directly affect the majority of Missourians, so please vote responsibility and understand that human rights are more powerful than any court or constitution in the world!