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Analogy is flawed2005-02-19 06:52:06mrgooch

It is interesting that you use the analogy of the Beta system vs. the VHS system in comparing embryonic stem cell research to adult stem cell research. The Beta system was far superior to the VHS system. It was Beta that was used by all the major TV networks for their broadcasting. Given Sony's release of it and the proper funding, Beta development like embryonic stem cell research could be the standard. Sony was the fly in the ointment that made VHS the preferred (not the better) system.

Put money towards success2005-02-19 03:56:56e-emery

Your replies are evidence that we need to be better at informing people first about the difference between adult and embryonic stem cells. Secondly, the last respondent is reading and listening to different people than I am. The embryonic approach can be traced back about 20 years I am told. Millions of man-hours and dollars have been spent. If this investment had instead been in adult stem cell research, many lives could have been saved and diseases cured. That is why the argument that we need to do this research to save lives is ridiculous. That is like saying we should have poured more investment into the Beta video tape rather than the VHS video tape a few years ago. The ones who followed that advice were left behind. I don't want Missouri to bet our future on the "Beta tape." That is where the embryonic stem cell money is headed.