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Stem-cell research IS pro-life2005-02-10 23:27:06egoldman

The embronic stem cells come from unwanted embryos destined for the trash. It is beyond me how anyone can hold that it is better to trash these embryos than to use them to save the lives of those already here. My wife and I lost our only child last year, an 8-week old infant, to an infection. Stem cell research (in this case, from cord blood) could lead to a method to clone our baby so that she could have another chance at life, as her identical twin, born at a later time. If those opposed to human cloning had the experience of losing an infant child of theirs, maybe they'd see that there is nothing immoral in wanting to have your baby back again. Stem cell research could make that dream a reality.
Updated: 2005-02-10 11:27:43