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Author misleads2005-02-11 08:46:01smgnfr

It is nothing short of deliberately misleading to suggest that the absence of current human therapies utilizing embryonic stem cells is a mark of failure or lack of promise. Human embryonic stem cells were first isolated only 7 years ago, and there has been comparatively minimal Federal funds to support the basic lab research necessary at this stage. The limited types of adult stem cell therapies that exist today have resulted from decades of well-funded research. The scientific community is virtually unanimous in their call for parallel research in both adult and embryonic stem cells, including SCNT to produce additional stem cell lines. Dr. Irving Weissman of Stanford gave particularly illuminating testimony on this last summer before a U.S. Senate subcommittee. ( Also, see the web site of the International Society for Stem Cell Research ( and get the facts. Also see the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research ( The facts are clear -- human embryonic stem cell research is both the pro-life and moral course to advance the day when we can alleviate suffering for millions of people worldwide. Sanford M. Goodman Chair, Public Policy and Advocacy Committee Nebraskans for Research