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All Stem Cell research must continue2005-02-21 12:19:34sywanda

I think it is fair to argue in response to the gentleman from Missouri that the Missile Defense System is something that we have been pouring our money into for quite some time now with no results either, as well as this war in Iraq (I don't see any concrete results there) but you don't hear us clamoring (yet) to stop trying. I think this is all a matter of faith, and perspective, and in the case of all stem cell research, SCIENCE! Remember science? Those processes and steps that lead to one another that are inarguably the way that something results? My perspective on this says that God has given us an ability to find the cures, so lets FIND them and use them. My faith says that God and science go hand in hand, and we do not have to allow our fear or ignorance to dissuade us from doing the right thing. People, all stem cell research needs to be examined and looked at. Period. That's what makes science "science"-that you are looking at all possible pieces of a puzzle to see how they fit. Because nuclear energy can be turned into a weapon, should we abandon the better of the good that we gained from it? Because a car can run people down, a drunk can get behind the wheel, should we all quit driving? I argue that stem cell research and the greater good it WILL bring for all of humanity must continue, despite the naysayers, and this gentleman of Missouri. People of faith, pray to God and think this through for yourselves.....!