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A bunch of rhetoric2005-04-07 23:33:54kas249

Call to undefined function: this "commentary" is merely a pandering to the constituency. The rhetoric used is what we've been seeing from the right for some time now, especially from the pro-life crowd. When it comes to terry schiavo, the argument was automatically dichotomized. It was either her living or the liberals starving her to death. I know i'm not the first to inform you that "euthanasia", as you put it, is performed under specific circumstances in many parts of the country apart from the schiavo case. The woman was in a persistent vegatative state. It is not as if she was living in a state as you or I. The argument does, despite your arguments, have a gray area. I know that's scary, but it's true. Terry Schiavo is no more a rallying cry than just another case which divides society. Not everyone has the same ethical set. Not everyone believes the same things to be right and wrong. That may be hard to believe, but get used to it and start accepting it.