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Would history condemn immigration reform?2006-09-21 10:51:36grogan

Rep. Emory's article on Immigrationis outstanding! We are currently being invaded by hordes of foreigners, flying foreign flags and speaking foreign laguages, and our Government Leaders are doing nothing to live up to their Oaths of Office to defend our country! At this rate we will no longer be that "shining city on the hill" - setting the example and helping others - as invisoned by the Pilgrims. Rather we are fast becoming nothing more than just another Third World Latin American Country. Why is this happening? Because the Democrats see this as the path to eventual power so that they may inact their social agenda (e.g., Gay Marriage, dropping all References to God, Feminism, "Choice", and the enthronement of of "Diversity" above all else), while about 1/3 of the Republicans care only about making money and "improving the economy" (as if money is the only thing worth pursuing). Note That branch of the Republican Party is often known as "those greedy bast--ds"). That leaves only 2/3 of the Republican Party there to fight for a Commons Sense protection of the United States - as we know it. Certain Religious Leaders also murk up this debate with their Christian "Love Message". Yes, Chrsit calls us to love our neighbors, but I would suggest that we are called to give them a "Hand up" in their country - not a "hand out" in ours. A careful review of Pope John Paul II's position on this may be found in his Annual Message for World Migration Day 1996 given July 25, 1995: "Illegal Immigration must be prevented...." is what he wrote. God gave the Isrealites a "Prommised Land" and helped them to defend it when they were true to Him - but, not when they turned away. Perhaps that is our problem today. We have turned away from God with our high rates of Abortion, Pornagraphy, Sex, Materialism, etc. Beyond that, it is very hard for me to believe in light of Romans 13 that God would tell us to reward those who break and violate our legitimate laws for their own personal gain (i.e., where on earth do people get that idea that God wants us to give Amnesty to Law Breakers?) When I read the Parable of the Wedding Banquet (Matthew 22), I notice that even God (i.e., the King) will throw out those who do not come with a new heart (for Christ). So, why should we not do the same with the Illegals who come to the US without new hearts for being Americans (i.e., learning our language and assimilating)? I would also point out that while soujouners in Egypt, the Isrealites had specific permission from Pharoh to be there (see Genesis 47). They were not "Illegals"! Mr. Emory's article makes it abundantly clear that our Founding Fathers also realized the danger and the threat of massive Immigration - both Legal and especially Illegal. He astutely points out how the Statue of Liberty came to represent "huddled masses" based on a poem and not our Fouding Father's intentions. This is fantastic and true. It reminds me of the same phenomenon whereby a private letter from Thomas Jeffereson to the Danbury Baptists leads to a concept of a wall of "Separation between Church and State" in 1947-48 and then gets falsely attributed to being the intentions of our Founding Father's, when in fact it came soley from a Supreme Court Justice who wanted to enact his own desires without going to the people! This is the same issue we face today. the American people overwehlmingly want our borders protected, but our "elites" know better. They will help us by improving our profits -as if money were all that matters. They will improve us by inflicting their social agenda on us. They will improve us by saving us from God. Yes, they think they know better than "we the people"! We need to recapture and restore our Judiciary, our Schools and our Government, and most of all we need to remember that were are a Christian Nation that understands the distictions between God's instructions for how we are to behave as Individuals (helping people personally) verses our responsibilites to serve the Greater - Long Term Good as Officers of an Institution ordained by God (i.e., Government & the Church).