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154 shots within 9 minutes2007-05-10 10:01:27davisl

The public needs to understand that Cho got off 154 shots within 9 minutes in three different classrooms. His gun could deliver 15-18 shots within 3 seconds and another magazine of rounds could be clipped on within a second. That does not give anyone, even in marine shape, much time to think much less react to disarm the deranged man who yes, had very carefully thought out his devastating plan. Lynn Davis Virginia Tech

Passive @ VT?2007-05-09 14:15:18jjharris

You will be glad to know folks were not passive. If they have been, the number dead would have doubled. A cadet tried to stop Cho. At least one other story of challenging him, yes a male. Folks blocked the door when they had a warning, or to prevent him from coming back in. Unfortunately Cho bought himself time with the chains on the doors, and attacked where folks were used to construction noises. He practiced his shooting, and had no remorse, just kept shooting. The folks that survived, except for, maybe, one all had 3 bullet wounds. He was using hollow points and had two guns blazing. Unfortunately Cho was 'smart' beyond his being totally nuts. A dangerous combination. JNH
Updated: 2007-05-09 02:26:28