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More Proof2010-10-05 21:59:36fstlker

For those of you who believe the HSUS is handling Prop. B in an ethical manner should check out their newest distortion, the "Dirty Dozen" list. At least one breeder on the list provided by the Humaniacs found homes for their dogs and then surrendered their licenses to USDA and Mo. Dept. of Ag. MONTHS AGO!! After meeting with USDA and MODA inspectors the kennel owners chose to close their kennel. More proof the current system is working with no need for Prop. B and also more proof the Humaniacs don't require something to be true if it furthers their cause. Any voter with common sense will vote NO!! on Prop. B.

Common sense2010-10-05 09:34:48fstlker

I do not know why the folks supporting Proposition B want to slap the Missouri Dept. of Ag. and the USDA in the face. Both have stepped up inspections of kennels and are doing a great job. Some of you seem to be of the opinion there are no regulations for kennels, there are, they are strict and they are working. A NO vote on Proposition B is a vote for commone sense.Updated: 2010-10-05 09:35:33
Updated: 2010-10-05 09:38:51