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Caring for dogs2010-10-05 08:04:48jenny

Anyone who DOES care for dogs should vote against Prop B. You can't just read the language of it without comparing it to current law- to fully understand how bad Prop B is, you have to see a comparison of the 2 side by side. Prop B reduces the frequency of daily feedings and reduces the availability of water as well as reducing the number of annual vet visits from twice to once! The temperature requirements have no exemptions available for nurseries, which will be fatal to the newborns of toy and many small breeds. They must be kept at a constant temperature of 92 F, or they become chilled and unable to digest food. They quit nursing, and will die within 48 hours. Once this begins, it is nearly impossible to bring a puppy up to proper body temperature begin digesting food again. How could anybody who cares for dogs at all discover these truths and still support Prop B? This piece of pseudo legislation will have no effect al all on the unlicensed, unregulated criminal breeders that hurt dogs. They will continue to operate under the radar. The only thing that will get rid of those places is enforcement of the current laws, and utilising Operation Bark Alert to turn them in to the Ag Department, who has authority to deal with them, NOT the HSUS or the HSMO. Neither of these entities have nay kind of governmental authority at all. For more information, please go to and read a comparison of current law to Prop B, then VOTE NO ON PROP B!

Proposition B2010-10-03 16:39:42jrvas

I invite all to review the text of Proposition B: You will find that the bill is directed specifically to people who own dogs for breeding; not for hunting; not as pets. And, that it's provisions are for the needs of the dogs: clearn water; adequate food; space; exercise. Dogs have been our domesticated friends for thousands of years, why would we turn our backs on them now? Vote for Proposition B.