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Enough already2010-10-05 21:48:28jenny

I would love to know how the supporters of Prop B think that the tax payers are supporting the euthanasia of shelter dogs! There is not one state owned shelter in Missouri, they are all privately owned and funded by donations. City pounds are a completely different issue, as they are run by the local Police Department, the Health Department, or the City itself, but as such they are providing a service to the residents to protect them from dangerous dogs, diseased dogs and cats, problem animals, etc. The taxes of Missouri redidents are not used to support shelters. The ACFA Program is self funding from money generated by licensing fees. Missourians for the Protection of Dogs has passed off another lie to the public about Prop B. Please VOTE NO ON PROP B.

Enough is enough2010-10-05 09:05:51ma-earth

Wow, this Prop B is generating quite a brouhaha, it seems, with the breeders on one side. Missouri's puppy mills have had a horrendous reputation. My thinking to those breeders is, sorry to stunt your livelihood, but Missouri doesn't need your excesses. People interested in getting a dog should visit animal shelters before pet stores. Those wanting dogs with "papers" should visit a certified breeder. Too many dogs are being euthanized in Missouri and in most cases becoming a tax-payer issue.