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Supporting the CSB2015-11-28 13:40:45morawetz

Offered is the following in response to the letter to the editor by PEER. PEER is also functioning as the defense attorney for Mr. Horowitz, as he states, therefore it is hardly balanced. The CSB has a very difficult task rebuilding an organization that had significant organizational problems while Mr. Horowitz was senior staff. A few clarification points: The two House investigations were hardly a Republican push. There was hard bipartisan questioning and a bipartisan letter after the 2015 hearing. There were serious questions on the functioning of the past Chair and the actions of Mr. Horowitz. There may have been no new investigations in the last 9 months but there have been 3 Chairs in this time period, at least 6 public meetings and a serious and open discussion on how to get the organization to function well, issues that Mr. Horowitz either could not resolve or might have contributed to. The call for another investigation into the recent Virginia High School Rainbow fire is asking the CSB to spend precious resources to duplicate a job that has largely already been done. The work for the CSB should do and is considering, is how to implement the recommendations they have already made, a coherent message that PEER fails to understand. This is hardly a moratorium but a pause. Under previous leadership, the CSB took up to 5 years to finish investigations, often with staff who did not do the initial investigation due to high turnover, and they actually were forced to drop completely some investigations. This year is almost over. If there are no new investigations by summer 2016, then I would be concerned. If we want a serious dialogue on rebuilding the CSB, the press can play a vital role. The Joplin Independent should write about more than one side; mine or anyone else's. Feel free to reply to my work email. I have followed the CSB for a number of years and FYI, they are currently investigating four deaths at a Houston facility where we (the International Chemical Workers Union Council) represent the workforce.