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Gov. Blunt, who, where are you?2005-06-06 13:17:27mariwinn

jean-b, I have just emailed the following: Dear Gov. Blunt: In view of the major environmental and social problems stressing the Carthage/Joplin/Neosho area, we are wondering why our area isn't considered for a GRC meeting? Springfield, although they place themselves in the zone, is not where we consider "Southwest Missouri" to be. Springfield does not have to live with MoArk and RES, our meth problem and lack of enforcement money, or our level of poverty. We have no representation!...Many citizens have complained that their messages to you go unanswered. If you really mean what you say, " It is a tremendous honor to serve the people of Missouri! I value your input, so please feel free to contact me to share your thoughts, ask questions, or make suggestions," then you should schedule a meeting in this area...and more than just a run through touting your legislative achievements.--Mari Winn Taylor, Editor/publisher

Where's Joplin's representation?2005-06-06 12:56:09jean-b

Someone should complain about Joplin being left out as a site for hearings. As I've learned from 2 1/2 years of attending PNO functions in Springfield, most people from this area will NOT readily go to Springfield. (And I've noticed too that people over there are pretty much unaware of anything that happens over here.)