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Legislating morality2004-03-02 10:06:31ggruber

Advertising of any kind could be removed from the highways and it would be fine with me. What is not so fine is the attempt, whether in race relations, sexual relations or family relations to legislate how and with whom one should relate. IF legislators begin to limit and constrict human relationships between adults and the definitions are imposed by those with a very narrow view of who is and is not appropriate, then I have concern about all kinds of people being prevented from freedom to choose according to their own preferences and values. Will restrictions soon be coming about religious differences too? Beliefs vary as do human beings. Respecting differences is paramount to a healthy society and history is filled with examples of excluding people because they weren't found to be acceptable because they didn't fit a particular definition. Dangerous, in my opinion. At least I hope I can hold an opinion that might be different from someone else and retain the freedom to express that opinion. Thank you.

What is happening to freedom of personal choice?2004-03-02 08:23:02nuevomex

I believe a marriage, or any personal life preferences should not be controlled by the government, in any way, shape or form. What has happened to our freedom of personal choice??