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In answer to enemies of higher ed2006-02-03 13:18:35spencej

In answering criticism regarding the use of MOHELA funds, Missouri may receive funds from private individuals or entities, including MOHELA; MOHELA already gives the state money. State statute is written to protect the state to make sure that none of MOHELA’s debt or liability is imputed to it. Likewise, the law also protects MOHELA so that its money is kept separate from state revenue. For many years, MOHELA has given the state $50,000 annually so that the General Assembly could receive and appropriate it for the Gallagher scholarship and grant program. They also funded a one time shortfall in 2004 for the Gallagher fund with a donation of $295,670. Once MOHELA makes a gift or donation to the State, the funds are no longer MOHELA’s and become a part of state funds, deposited in the state treasury and subject to appropriations by the General Assembly.