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Gary Nodler and ethics2006-02-19 12:21:57ma-earth

Look who's talking about "political maneuvering". Perhaps, your readers should be reminded of the Jan. 3, 2006 comment made by blogger Randy Turner which he titled, "More about Gary Nodler and ethics." Here's a man, Turner's investigation shows, whose campaign committee accepts money from MoArk/Land O'Lakes officials, yet he uses the excuse that it's unethical for him to speak to the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources on behalf of the citizens in Newton County that he represents who are fighting MoArk's business practices. It's a no-brainer to realize what side of the fence he's painting. I'm not all that fond of our current a.g., but if the voters of Missouri elect a Republican then there'll be no one to question the "ethics" behind what the Republican majority does in this state. And, by the way, where's that independent candidate who will stand up to Nodler?