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what to do?2008-11-22 02:11:30lost

I have a brain injury tax dollars are used to fund these people that supposed to help me but they are making my problem worse by doing nothing i am disabled and there and people that are supposed to be helping me-- they are unqualified and are wasting tax dollars It seems more like they are there to make sure I am wronged-since they have started providing my home heathe care I have Missed appointments- been illegally put on the street-they tell me things and dont do them-they dont help me they dont listen to me or follow up with stuff-_am off my meds i am -these people are destroying every chance happiness and hope of recovering I was much better off before I met them In every aspect of my life my days are numbered before i have lost all resources of care

IDEA 20042008-02-23 00:25:23mjonespe

The IDEA act covers children in public schools. Check ou for more information. Mark Jones (R-8 School Board candidate)

SB 1081 to curtail abuse2008-02-22 20:40:28flmom

Dear Senator Nodler, I think this is a great bill but I don't understand why public schools are not included in your bill. Everyday children with disabilities are abused and neglected in the public school system and nothing is being done to protect our children. There are no laws, rules or accountability for school staff and districts and they are getting away with child abuse every day. Please help protect our children by adding public schools to your bill.