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??? for Senator Nodler2008-04-09 09:20:31mambo

Senator Nodler, Can you relay to us the specific procedure that will be acceptable by the state, under this law, which an employer, contractor or subcontractor has to go through to verify the legal/illegal status of an employee or job applicant. Who has the final responsility under this law, the primary employer company, a contractor to this company or a subcontractor to the contractor for this company in providing the legal/illegal status of an employee? Will this law require existing employees have their legal/illegal status be verified by the employer as well as all job applicants? If this legislation becomes law, what date would it become effective? Will there be any grace periods provided, similar to the MDNR? That is to say will an employer be able to rack up a number of violations within a certain time frame before any punitive state action is undertaken? Will the employer be able to immediately negotiate with the state over the fine and punitive action to work out something less that what the law requires? Sincerely, Mark Adams Neosho, MO