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Understanding American Elections2004-10-11 18:19:36andydoc

Despite taking a class at university on American Politics in 1993, under the tutelage of an American Professor no less - or maybe his first name was Professor? - I've never really gotten to grips with your elections. They are fascinating to watch from across the pond and I confess - no, happily declare - that I usually stay up all night watching the results unfold, being several hours ahead. So I have many questions to ask and maybe we could have some fun between now and Novemeber and I might even learn something! I'll limit the questions to a few this evening - 8.55pm local time. How does the Electoral College thing work and why is it necessary? Why is being labelled a "Liberal" a bad thing for Kerry? Wasn't Eisenhower proud to be called a liberal? Could Churchill have been right when he suggested that GB and USA were two great countries separated by the same language? Is John Kerry in any way related to Jay Leno? Does Hilary Rodham stand a cat in hell's chance of becoming the first female President and if so does that mean Slick Willie will be the First Gentleman? Come on people help me out!
Updated: 2004-10-11 04:25:19