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MYOB, Canadians2004-09-01 11:57:00marianne

I think that Canadians should stay out of the USA politics. Look what we elected in June 2004. Everyone dislikes the liberals, but they got in again. We should fix our politic before picking on the USA politic.

More on G.B.'s troop deployment2004-08-30 12:54:53mgfl

I think Bush wants to bring back the troops to try to enforce martial law when he declares it in order stay in office after he loses the election, or, perhaps, when he cancels the November election. Look for a 'terrorist' act to give him the excuse to try it. George Bush isn't a war president, he is a terror president...and he sure scares the hell out of me! Is that orchestrated state police intimidation, or orchestrated police state intimidation? We'all don't have State Police, we have a rather impotent state highway patrol. Police state, I can see that one coming.
Updated: 2004-08-30 09:54:28

What are Bush's real motives?2004-08-30 11:49:17b-seguin

A CONCERN FOR ALL CANADIANS! President Bush has ordered the return of the armored division and an infantry division back from Europe to provide security in the United States. It looks and smells bad! Think about it, tanks and troops to protect the Americans from Mexico and Canada. These troops and tanks are suppose to be part of a larger redeployment, but the entire operation may be just a charade for the purpose to get troops and tanks into the streets of American cities to quell the inevitable riots that would surely erupt if Bush was handed another dirty election victory. Through the combined influences of rigged machines, phoney voter purge lists and the orchestrated state police intimidation techniques which are being used IN FLORIDA RIGHT NOW. I think the Presidential Election 2004 should be a concern to all Canadians.--Bernice L. Seguin, ONT., CANADA
Updated: 2004-08-30 11:28:44