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Joplin home is used for album cover2013-07-12 22:11:38staff

This event was covered by the Joplin Globe in 2010. Here is the link: Driving around Joplin members of Paul Revere and the Raiders saw the columns on the front porch of the home that at the time was owned by David Humphreys and asked his permission to use a photo of it for the cover of their album.

Famous rock & roll photo session 2013-07-12 18:05:17beatleb

The grand city of Joplin, Mo, was the site of Paul Revere & the Raiders Revolution! album cover photo that was taken on the porch of a house located at the corner of East 15th Street and Mississippi Avenue. One of the greatest American rock & roll bands of all-time, PR&TR took on the U.S.A. the British Invasion, few American bands could rival their European counterparts. An exception was Paul Revere & the Raiders whose name and look almost made it appear as if they would go to war with the “British Invaders”. Cutting the British Invasion off at the pass, they employed a Garage sound that was fast and unpretentious and rivaled that of any British act, in retrospect the Raiders were a much tighter and efficient band than they may have gotten credit for. And while their music had similarities to British acts like The Kinks and The Animals, those bands were influenced by the same tough American R&B as Revere’s group. he members of the band also appeared regularly on television, performing music and sketch comedy, heightening the band’s profile, and helping them become Columbia’s top-selling rock act by 1967. With over 750 television appearances (more than any other musical act in the history of U.S. television), it's amazing why these guys aren't in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. It would nice to see an article on this house, with an update and anecdotes (if any) about when this photo-shoot originally took place. Paul Revere & the Raiders Revolution! was their seventh studio album by the band, and skyrocketed all the way to #25 on the "Billboard Top 200" LP charts in 1967.
Updated: 2013-07-12 10:03:53