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Warning to seniors about scam artists2006-02-14 10:48:30bev-s

I am sure that you already have heard about the current scam that is going around Missouri targeting seniors, but just in case you haven't, it is a telephone scam aimed at obtaining private, personal financial information. Elderly bank customers are being targeted and told a variety of stories in an attempt to get their personal bank information. Some stories: We want to make sure your account is secure. The bank is failing and we want to protect your money. If you want to continue to get your Medicaid payments, we need your bank information. One of the Area Agency's employees received a call like this. Also, we had a call from a lady today who had received a call. Fortunately, neither one gave out the information. I would appreciate anything that you can do to remind people again not to "talk to strangers!"--Bev Scroggins, Community Services Director, VantAge Point Area Agency on Aging