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Not apathy..resignation2011-12-21 10:07:08ma-earth

billybob, I can't agree with your statement that "no one cares" about how the town will look. Lots of folks submitted suggestions. However, when push comes to shove, the planning and zoning board and the city council have caved in to what was the status quo (and slum landlords seem to have a very loud voice) letting property owners rebuild exactly the way they had before rather than mandating setbacks, safter construction and updated technology. Their fear, I'm guessing, is that demanding improvements that might add a higher price tag to reconstruction would stall it or possibly cancel it altogether. And for re-building rental property they don't want to price it out of the reach of renters whom they perceive to be cash-strapped. (Of course, their governing philosophy appears to be libertarian; some how the property owners will make the right decisions rather than legislating them.) Hiring another consultant is a joke; the council has done that in the past because they didn't want to go on the record for making unpopular decisions but then they haven't seemed to follow the advice they were given. Lots of folks, too, have this pie-in-the-sky notion of what Joplin's infrastructure should be but they really don't want higher taxes to support it...I'm also wondering what you are referencing when you question where Joplin school district emplyees live and where their kids go to school. The super's kids go to public school in Joplin. School administrators, especially CJ, are very on top of advancing education in the district...My pet peeve, like many of my neighbors, is the lack of quiet. As long as trains whistle by all night long, no other improvements will do much to raise the quality of life in this city.

Apathy2011-12-21 09:03:49billybob

It is just unreal how apathetic the residents of Joplin are. Major changes are being made right around them, decisions about how the town will look, what is going where(social engineering) and no one cares. Folks on committees and city employee do not even live in joplin and the decisions are being made by them. Because they pay sales tax. Bah. Big question..where do Joplin school district employees live and where do their kids go to school? That will reveal a lot. Folks get invovled...speak up