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Smoking too much weed2004-09-21 03:03:37kadena

Bobocal you have been on the weed too long. You are delusional. As far as the amount of money each has received Bushie boy, the chimp, has received much, much more than Kerry from folks like Rupert Murdoch and many, many more. Your inputs stink because they have been used by ilk like yourself to poison the minds of people so long. They are becoming very boring. Find a new thing to try to sell, other than the manure that you are swimming through. Having assult type weapons being distributed throughout our society makes about as much sense as being a Republican.
Updated: 2004-09-21 10:36:17

lol2004-09-18 16:03:15drgreen

Ohh come on now! I agree fully with Kerry on this issue! Why do you need to go to a gun show and buy guns? What r you planning to go deer hunting with a m-16 with a bayonet? That will show that damn deer huh!lol
Updated: 2004-09-18 06:13:09

Don't be fooled by Kerry's pro gun rhetoric2004-08-15 13:21:38bobofcal

...The democratic leadership council has advised anti-gun candidates on how to camouflage their gun control agenda to deceive gun owners. Al Gore tried and failed. John Kerry tries to make you believe he is one of us. Don't be fooled. He voted to extend the Clinton Gun Ban and criminalize private sales at gun shows and sales to friends and relatives. He's given photo ops with Kennedy, Schumer and Feinstein and others with thumbs up sign. Look at the company he keeps! Kerry has voted 51 times since 1980 to restrict, regulate or ban your rights. He left the presidential campaign once in 2004 to vote against your rights AGAIN! Listen very carefully to his words as that is all they are to him. Words. To Kerry the Second Amendment is only a right of government. All of the gun ban groups support him. The enemies of freedom are outraged because they fear the Second Amendment for what is really is--a shield against oppression by government. KERRY IS AN OPPRESSOR. He is the biggest threat to freedom in America that wehave ever faced. He is more dangerous than any legislative threat or action we have ever faced. Kerry's received millions of dollars from George Soros and Andrew McKelvey for his presidential campaign, both of whom are extreme anti-gun billionaires. McKelvey is the founder of Americans for Gun Safety (another gun ban group), who pumps millions into the DNC and other gun ban groups yearly, and Soros is a mega billionaire who wants the Constitution abolished. Soros is a madman. Kerry works for Soros, McKelvey, and other extremely rich people, but not for true Americans. Kerry also works for his wife and, the extreme communist left wing website (that just recently has obtained Al Gore on their side, the guy who invented the Internet!) who is trying to help the Kerry campaign and the DNC. If you value freedom, CHECK THE FACTS BEFORE YOU VOTE. Log on to to verify what I am saying. CHECK KERRY'S VOTING RECORD! Kerry is scary. I'm baffled as to why conservative television and radio stations do not talk about this.--Robert Ireland, Vallejo, CA