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Thank you...2003-04-23 11:50:45butler

Contact message sent. Thank you very much. If anybody else knows anything about the homes current situation or would like any historical information that I might be able to dig up, please reply here.

House pictures2003-04-23 09:23:12mariwinn

We'd be delighted to send you pictures of the house as it presently stands. Please advise us as to where you would like them sent, either snail mail or via e-mail. Click on "Contact Us" under "Resources" for anonymity.

That's the one2003-04-22 12:10:40butler

Yes. That's it. I was at my Mom's over the weekend going through some old pictures and there's one of the Rothenbargers sitting in the kitchen of that house. It's a really old picture, but not sure exactly when it was taken. I also have some old newspaper articles/photos of the historical dedication and open house. Recent pictures would be great if you could. I was hoping to find out if anybody or who was currently living there. I wanted to be able to stop in and visit sometime if possible. I do think I remember hearing it was the first brick house in Joplin. I was told by my grandparents that the bricks were made and kiln fired on the property.
Updated: 2003-04-22 12:15:43

Joplin's historic house2003-04-22 00:53:51mariwinn

You are referring to the old Rothenbarger homestead, I believe, although I may have spelled that name incorrectly. It was Joplin's first brick house. I will send you pictures of it, if you wish.

Help......2003-04-09 11:06:41butler

I am trying to find out the status of a home in Joplin and I haven't had any luck in the last year or so, I've e-mailed real estate company’s and called some people, but nothing. I'm hoping someone here has or can find some information for me. The home is located at 1210 N Florida. It's a historical site originally built in 1835 (I think it was) My Grandmother ran a ceramic shop out of there from probably sometime in the 50's until about 1978. My Great Grandmother bought the house after hearing it would be demolished and renovated it. After my Grandfather died in 1985, the house was left to the Christian Science Church and my other relatives living there have since moved away, so I've lost track. I now live in the Kansas City area and would like to see the house if at all possible. I don't know if the church still owns it and is renting it or if it's been sold. I plan to visit this year and visit Mount Hope Cemetery where my Great Grandparents and Grand Parents were laid to rest. Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.