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Stage a boycott for vertical shelving2004-02-25 13:20:11c-buller

Has anyone ever brought up the issue of vertical shelving in grocery stores as an inexpensive, practical way to eliminate structural barriers for the mobility impaired? I recognize stores get kickbacks from certain companies for shelving in certain ways--certain shelves catch the shopper's eye more readily; so warehouse companies pay the store to place their product in these premium spots. But, if enough people were interested in vertical shelving to boycott stores that did not do so, perhaps, we could get a change. It's a very simple solution and very inexpensive to carry out. Vertical shelving basically works in this way: In a typical grocery store at present there may be 8 shelves of canned goods. Shelf 1 might be used for canned beans; shelf 2 might be tomatoes; shelf 3 tomato sauces and pastes; shelf 4 corn; shelf 5 peas; shelf 6 carrots and mushrooms; shelf 7 beets, spinach, greens; shelf 8 tamales, tuna, spaghettios, etc. If one were to convert to vertical shelving there would be a few cans of each product on each of the 8 shelves.