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Isn't it politics as usual?2004-11-29 13:24:30mariwinn

We considered the matter politics as usual...didn't the majority of our fellow Missourians with their November vote confirm that the Republicans could do no wrong? We're more concerned over councilmen that take it upon themselves to mandate what's right for the health of their constituents, a padded county voting registry that basically prevents anyone from seeking enough names to mandate through a vote of the people the overturning of laws that might be unjust, and the disregard for laws protecting the environment in the name of economic progress.....We did contact Blunt's media contact regarding comments about the DeLay matter and were told the following: "There have been lots of stories on this and we do not have anything to add to them."

Pester Blunt over DeLay Rule2004-11-29 13:06:40cjones

Please do a story on the US House of Representatives voice vote on the "DeLay Rule," an action that rescinded a rule that would require Congressional leaders step down from a leadership position in the event they were indicted by state prosecutors. Tom DeLay(R-Texas) House Majority Leader, runs a chance of being targeted by a campaign finance investigation that has led to indictment of three of his associates. Rescinding this rule protects DeLay, one of the Republicans most valued leaders and, perhaps, their best fundraiser. I called Roy Blunt's Washington office and, inexplicably, they could not tell me how Roy Blunt voted on this issue, nor could the staffer recommend who I could talk to that would know. She did not ask what I meant by "Delay Rule," but suggested that I call back tommorrow. Apparently many Congressional reps are choosing to answer only their constituents, and only then in a letter. Please encourage readers to ask Blunt's offices how he voted.....