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hmmm....2004-08-13 00:13:44dmedina

i happen to know crashdad... i have no clue if his site is legit... but i also happen to know that he knows how to crash others computers, making them lock up... so beware... he's good at what he does. one click of the button to that site just might make your computer crash... i myself will never chance a site that has crash so kenny if you read this, just know i will never go to any of your sites. your to evil.
Updated: 2004-08-12 11:14:37

Hey...2003-05-06 23:47:21mariwinn

We cringe at the name "crash" anything...gotta keep you happy. Good luck with your website.

Hi There!2003-05-04 00:50:41crashdad

Hi There! I learned about this site from another Joplin community props, woohoo!) and I was very impressed to see names I recognize on here. I went to college with TRobb, mariwinn is a member on my site, and GNodler seems like a name I've heard or seen somewhere! ;) Welcome to the Joplin Community Forum 'scene!' I'm going to add a link to this site on the CrashPad, if that's alright...if not, just bust my chops at or! (Can I get a yeehaa?)