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Kerry's actual war policy2004-08-03 16:04:38d-welch

Don't be fooled...Kerry and his people did their damndest to squelch every possible expression of dissent at their Boston convention, vetting every speech, muting every debate...all so that he could give a speech that might look good on TV. Kerry will not MISlead us into war, he says. Big deal. For one thing, he already has. The Senate has the actual constitutional authority over such leadership, which they voluntarily forked over while those of us who knew (and we're not psychics, trust me) were screaming the truth as loud as we could. And Edwards promises that we will "win" in Iraq, whatever that means. Secondly, it's a clever semantic trap. Mark my words, Kerry will have far fewer qualms about LEADING us into war (minus the MIS): in Iran, Colombia, Venezuela, the Phillipines, Iraq (why do people keep using the wrong verb tense with regard to this war??) including those wars he already supports. It's a sad truth, but one that should be told. There is nothing in Kerry's high rhetoric that can be followed up on, whether he believes it or not. There is just no money left to do anything but the most tentative, modest versions of everything unless at least one of the major parties decides to break its addiction to war.