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Cutting emissions by 60% labeled demagoguery2006-08-04 20:12:18ddears

To stop global warming, climate alarmists have called for cutting CO2 emissions by 60%. They have not explained how cutting CO2 emissions by 60% would affect society. It is generally accepted that to stabilize CO2 in the atmosphere at current levels it would be necessary to cut CO2 emissions worldwide by 60%. "Stabilizing CO2 in Atmosphere at Current Levels," a report published by TSAugest, a 501 (c)2 non-profit organization, examines current CO2 emissions by the United States of 5,802 million metric tons and shows that all non-nuclear power generation and all gasoline usage would have to cease immediately for the United States to reduce its CO2 emissions by 60%. The devastating effect on society around the world of cutting CO2 emissions by 60% makes the proposal a fantasy that needs to be recognized for what it is…demagoguery.For details go to