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And Sherrif Doerge was the one acting childish???2005-04-15 02:16:48mattr

I can't help but to believe, as anyone with an ounce of common sense would, that "drteen" drew attention to himself by acting like a fool. Judging from your "statement", (although I'm not sure if it can be called a statement with so many spelling and gramatical errors) I have a feeling that you have greatly exaggerated the events of that evening, and were trying to act like a tough guy. As I read drteen's post and imagined that lonely road in Newton County, I have to admit that I had a good laugh as I pictured this tough guy, drteen, cry like a child while the sheriff taught him a lesson. Drteen, you obviously stretch the truth like a young child, write like a child (a very young child), and I'm confident that it was YOU who behaved like a child. You are a lucky "man", drteen, that Sheriff Doerge is a gentleman and didn't lower himself to your level, beating your a##. The next time you may not be so fortunate. Someone may take you up on your offer.

Ron Doerge childesh actions2004-09-15 02:06:15drgreen

Ohh it was a nice evening with my wife and 5 year old daughter! We were a t a local resturant in Joplin when guess who walks in with his wife! Mr Ron Doerge, But before he comes in he takes a good look at my democratic stickers on my car! Me and the family start to leave and my daughter ask who was the scary man looking at us all nasty looking! Well i turned to see Doerge giving me the go to hell look and just staring me and my family down! So i sit there for awhile seeing if maybe he was man enough to come out and say what was on his mind! But nope he just set there giving me and my wife and child evil eyes! He really looked very silly! So we all started laughing at him and waited for him to come out! But naaaa he just set there giving me his child like stare to scare me. Makes me wonder what would have happend if i was on a lonely newton county road and he got behind me! Kinda a scary thought when i think of those looks he was giving! So i ask ya Mr Doerge next time you have a problem with me and my child ,or democratic ways then i say take the gun and shield off and come outside to see were it goes! Because i am not a nice peacefull democrat! So please try to be a good little cop and stay in Newton county burning youre evil weed and getting youre entire town stoned! LOL Mr jeep!