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Republican Church People2004-09-21 10:58:18kadena

Are these people great Christians or what? The answer to this question is: No. They profess to be Christians and try to convince everyone that they are, but, they do not exhibit the traits and live in the manner that that one would expect from Christians... The actions of these supposedly Christians speaks for itself. Only in name can they be looked upon as Christians. Their actions show definitely show that they are pretenders. You have the right attitude. Don't let them get you down.
Updated: 2004-09-21 10:18:33

Realtor Agent Destroys Democratic Political Signs2004-09-21 02:41:48wtfisu

This past weekend an agent of a well known Real Estate Agency located in Joplin was observed and photographed destroying Democratic Candidates political signs on a piece of property where the owner had given previous permission which allowed the installation of these signs on this property. The name and the face of this person is documented and a Business card belonging to this person, which also contains a photograph of this person, along with photos taken of her are being held as evidence. I am sure that the employer of the person who committed this act will be very pleased with her actions. This is a prime example of how Republicans will go to any extent to destroy and eliminate the freedoms of others. Espically those that possess diffent political beliefs than they do. This is only one of the many actions that have been taken by the Republican folks in Joplin and surrounding communities to supress freedom and eliminate any thing and anyone who dares to profess different ideas than those they purvey. Our America as we have known it is fast disappearing due to people like these who want to subdue or eliminate those that do not see things in the manner in which these radical Republicans believe they should. The actions of individuals,such as this one, seems to make the majority of Republicans proud and happy. I am not sure that the realtor who employs this person will be too happy when this individuals' identity and what she has done is made public. But, could it be, that this realtor condones these type of actions toward a political party different than the one to which they belong? Rather radical behavior. This seems to be the track we are on. Freedom is disappearing... Security is overtaking freedom.. Just look at the Patriot Act. One can be arrested, locked up and not allowed to speak to a lawyer, their family etc. for years. Some might think this persons actions are just insignificant, but dicatatorships have started with just the removal of small freedoms and have grown into a monster, where no one is free and everyone is afraid... Think and look at what is happening here in Joplin and many other cities in our country.

Silly rebulicans2004-09-18 16:15:54drgreen

OK i have yet ever seen a Democrat ever mess with another person's property! I have a Kerry sign out front in my yard and it has been spit on with chew. I have had people throw trash at it. People drive near it and cuss at my home! Nice since i have a 5 year old! She asks why they say that stuff and i just say they r dumb people. Had a car full of church people drive next to me cussing me out telling me to go to hell cause they seen the stickers on my jeep! So i followed them for a few blocks! Should have seen the fear in their eyes! So i tell you rebulicans this now! I am not afraid of any of you! Like your idiot leader i say bring it on! I wish they had the balls to just come to my door and say what's on their minds instead of showing me their weak minds! If it wasn't for my child i would give my addy on here so i could personally show you that not all liberal Democrats r hippies! I love violence and the beating of stupid people! LOL Sorry just wanted to blow some steam off!
Updated: 2004-09-18 06:10:04