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Why Why Why2004-10-23 19:01:22drgreen

Ok i have been trying to be nice because i guess thats my natural democratic way! Not like the scum who keeps taking my Kerry signs and flips me off when i drive near them in my car! But i am sick to death of bieng nice! The plain truth about this election is if you vote for Bush you are one of 4 things! 1.Either you are totally ignorant of the facts about Bush,Which in this area i think counts for alot of rednecks! 2.You are completly stupid! Which i hate to think this about people because its not my natural way to say such nasty things! (also undecided voters fall into this catagory) How the hell can you be undecided? Could these 2 men be any diff? 3.You are way to religious! Need to take a little break from the bible and think about what is going on in the world! Use youre heart to get through this one! And its not like Kerry worships the devil or anything! 4.(the worst one of all) And there are tons of these people! They are the people that drive around with huge monster vehicles with soccer mom sticker in the back! You are the selfish group! You are the people that really dont care about the rest of the world or the young people that have to fix all this crap later in life! Like my child and yours!