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a different interpretation2005-09-29 07:27:51beatrice

wtfiso, I’m sure, you misunderstood elmom. May be he/she wanted to say, that the Americans should have closed the borders 300 years ago. Yes, they should have had the first choice in deciding what (and whom) they wanted to live with. Yes, the savages who came over the American continent should have learned the languages and the culture of the Native Americans. The WASPs may still believe that the American civilization began when the first settler set his foot on the continent. But reading emom’s lines someone could suspect, it ended exactly then. Believe me, elmom, when the last drop of oil is used up one day and the last McDonald’s is closed the Natives will still know how to survive on that continent – and nobody will miss you! (wtfiso, I know my English is faulty and I should learn. Please excuse me…)

Where did you come from?2005-08-06 00:23:43wtfisu

So you want to shut out all the "foriegn" people? I'll bet you have ancestors that came here by boat. The Indians walked across the land bridge. We are all immigrants, babe. And before you suggest anybody else should be made to speak english, try learning the language yourself. It's foreign not "foriegn"; borders not "boarders"; sense not "sence"; materials not "meterals"; and you need to study up on how and when to use commas. In order to become an American citizen, we make all foreigners pass a test on english, the U.S. Constitution and American History that most of our High School graduates couldn't pass, and judging from your writing skills you'd be on the boat back to wherever YOU came from.

close the boarders every where2005-08-05 21:37:52elmom193

I believe that President Bush, should stop all of the foriegn people from coming into the United States. We have enough people here to feed sence all of our foods and meterals are going overseas. The people that were born here in America, need first choice in deciding what they want to live with. The boarders around America should be closed for the next twenty years and let things get into a calmer state. People that want to live in America, should live like the Americans, do or go back where they come from. I do not believe they should come to America, and live like they did in their country. They should learn our language and be made speak it. If they want to use their language let them go to their country. Close our boarders and don't let any more people come to our good old United States.