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Update2002-10-13 02:12:46fiddy

Right now the best place to locate a copy seems to be at Punktuer they moved though, it is still on Main in Joplin but about 5 blocks north. We are actually getting ready for a second printing of this issue since we are already about out.

:-)2002-10-10 11:35:23mariwinn

fiddy...we sure hope a growing number are visiting on a regular basis. Good luck with your publication. Will have to check it out!

Joplin's Monthly2002-10-10 00:02:27fiddy

Hello, I don't know how many people are actually visiting this site but anyway I'm the Editor of "Joplin's Monthly" a free comedy 'zine created by people from the Joplin area. Anyway if are not easily offended than you should pick one up at: Joplin Public Library, Hastings, most of the tattoo shops in town, and hopefully soon the MSSC campus. If you can't find one then send us an email at: and I'll try to mail you one or just place more wherever you looked thanks.