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For all the Clinton bashers...2004-07-24 21:03:41godaddy

Before we went into Afganistan they were shipping 11 tons of heroin. Now that we have made some order over there they are shipping 15 tons of heroin out. Don't you find that interesting. Cliton did NOT commit any felonies while in office. He did get a blow job. Ken Star spent 70 million dollars to find that out. Who really got screwed. There are all kinds of pictures of mass killings in Serbia. We had a real life coalition of all the European countries to stop it. Bush had to get the U N inspectors out before they were done or he wouldn't have the excuse to go in. When Iraq was at war with Iran we supplied them with the weapons to go to war. Chenny hugged Saddam and there are pictures to prove it. Clinton's antics of which I do not approve didn't get any body killed. Clinton lied about his affair and got impeached. Bush lied about why we went to Iraq and he won't get impeached. Clinton left office with a 210 billion surplus. Bush has a 550 billion dollar deficit. That's a 3/4 of a billion dollar swing and you like him? A couple of things that you might want to consider. The unemployment rate stays the same, yet a lot of reservists are over there. I wonder what the unemployment rate would be if they were all back at work and the companies that have people to work while they are away aren't needed any more. Another thing I was thinking about. The gas prices are higher now because there are shortages. Where does all the gas come from for our military to use over there? They have a lot of vehicles over there and they don't run on sand. If you read the Patriot Act it would scare you to death. Bush keeps telling us he is doing these things for our fredom, yet he and Ashcroft decide who gets to exercise those freedoms. Do you want a government that tells you what you can do or a government that leaves you alone to do what YOU want to do?
Updated: 2004-07-24 10:17:27