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JD Mowris2004-02-13 04:15:28jeffl

JD Mowris was a comrade of mine, and an excellent team member while stationed in Ft. Carson, Colorado. JD became a great friend of mine while in Colorado. We shared everything together. Our deployment to Somalia in January of 1993 brought us even closer to each other, and continued our friendship until I got out of the army in April of 1993. My 10 year search for a dear friend ended tragically when I received an e-mail at work (as I too am a Federal Correctional Officer in Oregon), relaying a devastating message about a fellow officer who gave his life in the line of duty. After a little bit of research, I discovered my lost friend, and lost to the hands of God now. My search doesn't continue, only my prayers and thoughts to his family and friends. Had I only known that he had chosen the same route as myself in the desire for Law Enforcement, and his place of employment. We were so close, yet so far away. He will always be in my thoughts. What a wonderful person, friend, and soldier JD was. JEFF