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Zig heil, Alito. Zig heil2006-01-15 19:03:49jesse-h

If the Democrats do not make a stand with Alito, then why would anyone support them in the future? It is as clear as day where Alito is coming from when 90% of the time he is on the bizarre side of judicial judgment. Alito has taken the scales of justice and turned them into a turbo propeller spinning in one direction: extreme right. I was listening to a progressive radio talk show where the host stated that the Democratic Senators would need a serious reason to justify a filibuster to the public. I would like to think that just might be a serious warning from someone 90% out of the conservative norm. The last five years Bush has failed to put competent individuals into any positions in our government. If the Democrats fail to capitalize on a filibuster, then they are actually the monkey and Bush is just grinding out the tunes. The survival of the Constitution of the United States of America is at stake. It really is not a difficult judgment call; Alito does not represent anything close to normal thinking. , what will it be, Democratic Senators? Are you afraid? Do not even worry about what the media thinks or says. The Republicans own it. All the chips are on the table. If you don’t filibuster, you won't have a better opportunity. Zig heil, Alito. Zig heil.