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Ron Doerge Best Sheriff MO has had2006-12-05 15:50:20jrmlf

Sheriff Ron Doerge was not only the longest running Sheriff in the history of Missouri, he did far more than any other sheriff ever dreamed. He started programs that are currently used nationwide, such as the cell phones for victims program, free locks for guns, and many others. Sheriff Doerge provided much needed relief in the huge drug problem that faced Newton County, purchasing one of the first drug dogs in Southwest MO and seizing over $12 million in drugs within a 3 year period. Sheriff Doerge proposed the first county wide 911/centralized dispatch for Newton Co. He headed many committees including Southwest MO drug task force, 11 county Sheriff's Zone leaders, and Tri-State Major Case squad. Sheriff Doerge also saved Newton Co tens of thousands of dollars by implementing a garden for the jail where prisoners work to grow their own food. Sheriff Doerge has even had the honor of being voted Missouri's "Police Office of the Year." Sheriff Doerge was born and raised in Newton Co. and continues to be a dedicated citizen even into his retirement. Perhaps Sheriff Doerge stared at your stickers because they promote the very values that he was fighting to keep out of Newton County. I've known Sheriff Doerge for years and he always conducts himself in a respectful and professional manner. Next time you think about criticizing someone, ask yourself what you personally have done for the community compared to a literal community hero such as Sheriff Ron Doerge.