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Did you mean Putz-Pullers?2004-02-04 11:52:04campbell

Ha, ha! We call them Putz-Pullers back here. I have won, in my 25 years in journalism, 1/24th of a Pulitzer. In 1999, the Courant won one for breaking news for covering one of those awful workplace shootings. As we know, tragedy must occur before one garners Journalism's Highest Award. I wrote a column that was included in that package. Considering the rest of the people who wrote or edited that package, I think that entitles me to 1/24th of a Pulitzer, where the award actually a statue, like an Oscar, everything from the right leg down to the toe-tips. I am from Webb City. I spent second grade through sophomore year of college (MSSC) there. It is just so wonderful to see something other than the standard drivel out there for people to read, and I'm not even buttering you up. I, after all, have 1/24th of a Pulitzer under my belt.

Best liftstyle columnist on Courant2004-02-04 11:48:39mariwinn

Coming from you, that is a real compliment. Your wry style of writing had me in stitches. Yes, I checked you out. So, how many Pulitzers have you garnered?

Hey! I like your site!2004-02-04 00:09:47campbell

Susan Campbell-- "The Hartford Courant"